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Linda Bryndísardóttir joins Gordian Software as VP of Business Development

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May 4, 2021 (SEATTLE) Former Travix Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Linda Bryndísardóttir announced this month she left the global travel giant for US-based startup Gordian Software as VP of business development amid its intense growth period. 

Gordian provides an API for travel websites to sell travel ancillaries such as seat selection and baggage. It supports ancillary sales on more than 90 airlines through online travel agencies collectively selling more than 45 million tickets annually. The company’s current year-over-year growth rate is more than 100×, accelerating its expansion as ancillary products become even more essential to the airline industry due to COVID-19.

In the last three years, it has added Priceline, Hopper, Otravo, Travix, Kiwi,, and as customers. 

“Ancillaries are incredibly important to the airline industry and Gordian is filling a critical gap. OTAs need easy access to ancillaries and Gordian’s customer list shows that we’re providing that,” said Bryndísardóttir 

Bryndísardóttir has made waves in the industry since she arrived at Travix, a leading global online travel agency (OTA) which operates in 39 countries with 500+ employees serving more than 5 million passengers annually. During her first seven years and in her first job, she is credited with revising the company's profit model, introducing automation into pricing and bringing data-driven decision making to the forefront of sales and marketing. 

She will lead key partnerships and help Gordian scale its go-to-market strategy. Her partnership experience includes leading negotiations with airline consolidators and metasearch websites and presiding over Travix’s core European, Middle East and Asia market strategy. She also led Travix’s business remodeling and team development in the United States, doubling its footprint and making it their biggest market served. Overall, Travix tripled their bookings and more than doubled their market coverage during her tenure.

“Linda has incredibly deep knowledge of the airline industry and has proven repeatedly that she has the leadership and drive to scale high performing teams in this field.” said Gordian CEO and Co-Founder Stephen Grabowski. “We have just scratched the surface of the market opportunity and are thrilled for her to join us to achieve our vision of creating a seamless platform for the industry.”

Gordian applies its widget or API platform to offer simple ancillary offerings for airlines and parallel businesses with a highly adaptable three-week integration. For more information, visit

About Gordian Software

Gordian Software is an agile API platform or widget that enables travel websites to sell ancillaries like seat selection and baggage. It is the easiest, most flexible and most profitable platform for searching, booking and managing flights.  It powers ancillary sales for leading travel companies including Priceline, Hopper and dozens of others, serving millions of travelers annually. Our network supports more than 90 airlines along with other flight service providers. Headquartered in the Seattle area, the company was founded in 2017 by Stephen Grabowski and Joe Sarre and is backed by Y Combinator. For more information, visit

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