Our Goal

We are on a mission to change the airline industry. Booking a flight should be friction-less and intuitive. Today it is neither and travelers pay for this in frustration and money.

Our Progress

Since 2017, we’ve integrated more than 100 airlines, signed up some of the largest travel websites in the world as customers, and done it all while profitable and growing 30% per month.

We are backed by Y Combinator and based in Burlingame, California.

The Gordian Way

We operate from first principles to deliver maximum focus and energy to the problems we solve. Here are some snapshots to understand what that means for us:

  • 3 Day Sprints - We are always delivering on the most important problems for our customers because we don’t let process get in the way of new information.

  • Everyone is in Product - We share all of the context on our customers, sales and market with everyone working on the product. Good ideas come from everywhere and better context means better delivery.

  • High Trust - We trust everyone on the team to work on the most important problems they can. This means if an intern or brand new engineer is best for our most critical project, they ship it.

Sound interesting?