Free the Airline Industry

The airline industry is tied in knots. Thousands of airlines, travel agencies, technology vendors, and businesses struggle against rigid APIs and unreliable systems to deliver air travel to billions of people worldwide every year. We founded Gordian to cut through that complexity and provide a simple, flexible platform for any company to serve the traveller exceptionally well. From our headquarters in Bellevue, WA and through our team around the world, we provide the best tools to free the airline industry.

Our team

Photograph of Stephen Grabowski

Stephen Grabowski

CEO & Co-Founder
Joined in
January 2017

Stephen co-founded the company in 2017. Previously he lead supplier analytics for Skyscanner, creating tools used by more than 250 airlines and travel companies, and designed a Machine Learning algorithm for automatically parsing airline APIs. His first travel role was at ITA Software (later Google Flights) and he received his degree from Carleton College.

Rohan Balaji

Software Engineer

Rohan is a member of the engineering team at Gordian. Before joining, he worked as a software engineer at a fraud prevention company designing and building big data software. His desire for fast pased software development and interest in the travel industry led him to Gordian. He graduated from UT Austin and spends his free time playing piano, bass, or drums.

Photograph of Linda Bryndísardóttir

Linda Bryndísardóttir

VP Business Development

After her Msc. in Econometrics, it didn’t take long for Linda to spot the first opportunity for improvement in the beautifully imperfect travel industry. Since then, she has jumped from one imperfection to another which has meant building data solutions, algorithms, business logic, processes, teams, offices and so much more. It’s thanks to all those imperfections that she grew from being a curious Data Analyst to an ambitious Executive within the first 7 years of her career at a global OTA.

Cathy Chang

Technical Project Manager

Cathy graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a degree in Mathematical Physics. Before joining Gordian, she spent her summers as software and electrical engineering at Nike and Northrop Grumman. She also spent a year in academia conducting marine biology research, during which she investigated the fractal dimensions of corals. However, a thirst for a high-paced, high-impact environment dominated by passionate and capable people eventually led her to Gordian.

Patrick Ford

Business Operations Manager

Patrick owns various key strategic initiatives and operational responsibilities that cut across Gordian’s business. Prior to Gordian, he worked in Operations Strategy, Solutions Consultant, and Technical Support roles at FinTech and SaaS companies. In his free time, Patrick loves watching and playing sports, a good nonfiction book, and long walks around the neighborhood with his golden retriever.

Reed Gilbert

VP Operations

Reed leads people, finance and operations at Gordian. Before joining the company in 2021, Reed held positions at Indigo Ag, Wayfair and Morgan Stanley, and spent plenty of time in middle seats.

Koray Gocmen

Software Engineer

Koray is a senior software engineer with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from University of Toronto. Prior to joining Gordian, Koray co-founded two startups and worked as the Backend Team Lead for a VPN company.

Eduardo Guerra

Software Engineer

Eduardo is part of the Engineering team at Gordian. Prior to joining, Eduardo co-founded e-commerce, industrial IoT and ride-sharing companies, and was CTO at a legal-tech start-up. His passion for simplifying processes using software have led him to join Gordian in building the operating system for the travel industry.

Carlos Gutierrez

Software Engineer

Carlos is a Software Engineer at Gordian who decided to shift focus from wheels to wings to help improve how the travel industry works. As a curious person, he loves to face complex problems that represent challenges and to be involved in as many parts of a product as humanly possible. He is also a motorsports fan.

Jakub Klapacz

Software Engineer

Jakub is a technologist and software engineer who has spent his career learning how to design, build, and scale high-performance distributed systems. Before Gordian, Jakub worked on building voice-analysis and fraud-detection systems in a hyper-growth startup where he learned how to solve difficult problems utilizing cutting-edge technologies. Jakub's passion for travel and a demand for excellence have led him to Gordian where he intends to help shape the future of travel.

Henry Knapp

Strategic Partnerships Lead

Henry leads business development at Gordian. Prior to Gordian, Henry worked at Uber and Facebook. Henry graduated from Columbia University and lives in Santa Cruz, California with his wife and daughter. He enjoys surfing in his free time.

Shankar Krishnakumar

Software Engineer

Shankar graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Purdue University. Prior to Gordian, he worked as a lead software engineer for an edutech startup and as an SWE at Amazon. His experiences at both companies helped foster his desire to work in an fast paced, high impact environment, which is what led him to Gordian. In his free time, he can be found watching or playing basketball or learning to play the piano.

Bernardas Kuodzevičius

Account Manager

After graduating with an MSc in Econometrics, Bernardas started his career in a global OTA. His roles and responsibilities ranged from pricing and data analysis to leading regional commercial teams, covering different geographies from Europe to the Middle East and the Americas. He has been working on pricing digitalization in the road logistics industry for the past few years, but his passion for travel and innovation has led him to Gordian, where he intends to help simplify travel for everyone

Kevin Mannix

Software Engineer

Kevin has worked with small but ambitious startups his entire career & has experienced both the highs and lows, through two acquisitions and a fiery failure. Most recently, he worked for a travel tech startup where he became passionate about the complexities and problems to be solved in the travel space. He's primarily built backend systems, but the nature of working with small teams has required him to play across the stack and take on a variety of roles within his previous engineering teams.

Photograph of Ory Medina

Ory Medina

Software Engineer

Ory is a PhD dropout with a deep interest in automating human-only tasks. During his academic career he focused on modeling human procedural learning. Later, he launched a company that leveraged NLP to automate fact checking. Ory then turned his attention towards heavily overheaded industries, which took him into real estate and eventually travel, where he focuses on creating solutions that remove the need of human involvement.

Chintan Modi

Software Engineer

Chintan graduated from the University of Michigan majoring in Computer Science. Prior to joining Gordian, he worked as an intern at Amazon and another startup called His work with helped him realize how much he enjoyed the culture of startups and being able to provide value through the use of technology. In his free time he is more likely than not watching a basketball game or hiking through the mountains somewhere.

Udeh Onwuka

Software Engineer

Udeh graduated from North Carolina State University majoring in Computer Science with minors in Statistics and Economics. Prior to joining Gordian he worked as a SWE at Microsoft and Co - founded a platform for automating the pain points of selling on Amazon. In his free time, Udeh enjoys reading, weightlifting, and kick boxing.

P Pradeep

Software Engineer

Pradeep graduated from National University of Singapore Majoring in Computer Engineering. His strong passion for entrepreneurship fuelled him to co-found his first startup in the Edtech Space in Singapore while still in college to address a gap in the online education market for young students. He also interned at an early stage startup in the Bay Area where he got to combine his interests in computer vision and entrepreneurship to build cool projects and prototypes for the team.

Saim Raza

Business Operations Manager

Saim's role is to ensure Gordian scales efficiently (on revenue, headcount, technologies, etc.). Before Gordian, he worked in solar energy and retail real estate. Saim graduated from Harvard College, where he received admission at 16 years old. He has raced in 11 triathlons, including an IronMan 70.3 & the USA Triathlon National Championship.

Scott Schefferstein

Lead Recruiter

Scott has over 10 years of experience in technical recruiting. He has run large teams, built out TA orgs and recruited in Silicon Valley for software engineers at Netflix.

Sumant Shringari

Software Engineer

Sumant recently graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. In the summer of 2022, Sumant was a software engineering intern @ Gordian. Previously, he worked as a software developer @ OpenEye Scientific Software and a biophysics researcher @ the Petersson Lab at UPenn. He always loves to learn about technology and provide value!

Photograph of Jonathan Wu

Jonathan Wu

Software Engineer

Jonathan is an ex-Intel engineer skilled in rapid-prototyping and enterprise applications. His previous work has included designing and building software for financial modeling and analytics, legal compliance, and big-data ETL pipelines. His passion for engineering and travel led him to Gordian where he’s changing how we fly.

Meishan Xu

Senior Finance Manager

Meishan is a finance professional with both public and private accounting experience. She is passionate about building an efficient and strong supporting function for the business and transforming numbers into meaningful financial data. Meishan is currently a CPA in New York State and CFA Charterholder.

If you are excited by the prospect of solving big challenges and want to see your capabilities grow quickly, you will find a rewarding environment at Gordian Software.
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