Free the Airline Industry

The airline industry is tied in knots. Thousands of airlines, travel agencies, technology vendors, and businesses struggle against rigid APIs and unreliable systems to deliver air travel to billions of people worldwide every year. We founded Gordian to cut through that complexity and provide a simple, flexible platform for any company to serve the traveller exceptionally well. From our offices in San Francisco and Singapore, we provide the best tools to free the airline industry.

Our team

Photograph of Stephen Grabowski

Stephen Grabowski

CEO & Co-Founder
Joined in
January 2017

Stephen co-founded the company in 2017. Previously he lead supplier analytics for Skyscanner, creating tools used by more than 250 airlines and travel companies, and designed a Machine Learning algorithm for automatically parsing airline APIs. His first travel role was at ITA Software (later Google Flights) and he received his degree from Carleton College.

Photograph of Joe Sarre

Joe Sarre

CTO & Co-Founder
Joined in
January 2017

Long term passionate about making travel more efficient. 15 years in travel. Joined Skyscanner when they were ten people above a pub in Edinburgh and went on to lead airline integrations, APIs, and white labels for them, including powering flight search for Bing and MSN.

Photograph of Daanish Mazhar

Daanish Mazhar

Software Engineer
Joined in
April 2017

Before becoming the first hire at Gordian, Daanish co-founded a health technology startup building a modern HIPAA compliant messaging platform for Canadian hospitals. After raising a seed round of funding he exited the company in a private sale. Prior to that, he was part of the CSSI program organized by Google.

Photograph of Ory Medina

Ory Medina

Software Engineer
Joined in
May 2018

Ory is a PhD dropout with a deep interest in automating human-only tasks. During his academic career he focused on modeling human procedural learning. Later, he launched a company that leveraged NLP to automate fact checking. Ory then turned his attention towards heavily overheaded industries, which took him into real estate and eventually travel, where he focuses on creating solutions that remove the need of human involvement.

Photograph of Tsukasa Muto

Tsukasa Muto

Head of Business Development
Joined in
September 2019

Tsukasa connects airlines with travel companies via the Gordian platform. Prior to Gordian, Tsukasa was responsible for Skyscanner’s market growth in Japan and strategic partnerships in the APAC region. He has also spent some time as a management consultant with a global strategy firm, and as a business strategy manager focused on Southeast Asia for a Japanese telco conglomerate.

Photograph of Colby Cox

Colby Cox

Software Engineer
Joined in
May 2020

Colby is a software engineer from Louisville, KY. He has been coding since he was 16. He became interested in innovation in the travel industry after his long list of travels abroad, including over three months in Asia in 2019. His first foray into the industry was his founding of a now-defunct travel startup that was focused on cost-conscious, multi-modal travel.

Photograph of Grace McKenzie

Grace McKenzie

Operations Lead
Joined in
August 2020

Grace is an operational Swiss Army knife who excels at helping fast-growing startups scale their business processes and systems. Since moving to San Francisco in 2017, she has been working in the aviation industry helping companies like Gordian disrupt the way we navigate the skies.

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You should be comfortable in fast-paced and rapidly changing environments. You should be able to exercise autonomy rather than needing detailed direction.


Your job is to work on the highest impact project you are capable of. This goes for everyone in Gordian. We operate in three-day sprints to make sure there is no drift between our priorities and our customers’ priorities.


You should be proactive and do whatever you think is necessary for the team to achieve our goals. We enthusiastically seek out responsibility and stack the deck in our team’s favor.

If you are excited by the prospect of solving big challenges and want to see your capabilities grow quickly, you will find a rewarding environment at Gordian Software.

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